What happened to our Pumpkin?

Date: 31st Oct 2016 @ 7:17pm

In Spring the children at nursery planted some pumpkins. We are so pleased with the results. Of course, as it's Halloween today we just had to carve them. We also had a variety of Pumpkins to compare and investigate.


We had the most fun when Mrs James opened our Pumpkin and we all helped to scoop out the seeds and all the gooey bits from inside. 

We had to be very careful when we used the knife to cut out the scary pumpkin face. Everyone was very sensible.


We also had amazing slime in the water tray so that we could make poisonous potions and magic spells in the cauldrons. We made pumpkin face collage and had to show our perseverance to pick up the pumpkin seeds with the tweezers, it was very tricky!

As a very special treat we had Daddy Pig's Pumpkin Pie for snack, it tasted delicious! We ended the day with a spooky story time by pumpkin light. 


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Lexie wrote:

hope you all had fun

eva wrote:

that's sweet lexie

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eva wrote:

mrs talor that is a lovely celbration

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eva wrote:

what lovely children I hope every one had fun

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ella wrote:

we had a very good and special day

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eva wrote:

did you all have fun

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Elyssa wrote:

wow looks like you had lots of fun.

Mrs Taylor wrote:

We had lots of fun thank you. The children planted more pumpkins in the Spring time, so we are looking forward to having pumpkins again this Halloween!

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