Award Winners

Bike winner for Spring Term was.............. Daisy Newcombe. 

Many Congratulations and enjoy!


100% Attendance for Spring Term

FS2 - Year to Date

Oscar, Willow, Amelia, Nevaeh


Mason, Bradley, James, Olivia, Louie, Daisy, Isla

Class 1 - Year to Date

Kyle, Charlie


Lewis, Riley, Isabella, Madeline, Holly, Lily, Caleb, Lucas

Class 2 - Year to Date



Zuzia, Esmay, Charlie, Jacob, Harry, Jasmine

Class 3 - Year to Date

Finley, Oliver, William, Mia


Kira-May, Niamh, Harriet, Jada,

Class 4 - Year to Date

Keesha, Lewis, Eva, Harvey


Freya, Phoebe, Martin

Class 5 - Year to Date

Isobelle, Bradley


Megan, Lily-Anne, Aaron, Jasmine, Amelia, Jamie, Ben

Class 6 - Year to Date

Joshua, Declan, Jack, Jamie, Rhys


Callum, Mary-Jane, Adrian, Scarlett

Class 7 - Year to Date

Cassie, Trinity, Charlotte M, Thomas


Michael, Shannon, Joshua, Ethan G, Megan, Kacie

Class 8 - Year to Date

Charlie, Kelly, Alicia


Libby, Kaleb, Kieran, Millie, Megan, Connor, Harry, Daisy


Gold Stars - Spring Term


Mason, Oliver,Oscar, Leon, Willow, Bradley, Rosina, Amelia, Olivia, Nevaeh, Lily, Callum, Hollie, Daisy, Isla

Class 1

Isabella, Holly, Lily

Class 2

Ruby, Jasmine, Scarlet

Class 3

Oliver, Joshua, Kira-May, William. Niamh, Harriet, Mia

Class 4

Freya, Mason, Thomas, Keesha, Phoebe, Lewis, Harvey

Class 5

Aaron, Elisha, Genevieve, Jonathan, Jasmine, Isobelle, Ben, Bradley

Class 6

Ellie-Mae, Mia, Mary-Jane, Abigail, Callum, Adrian, Joshua, Jack, Jamie, Scarlett, Rhys

Class 7

Michael, Shannon, Joshua, Trinity, Megan, Charlotte M, Thomas, Cassie, Kacie

Class 8

Millie, Megan, Connor, Libby, Mia, Joseph, Daisy, Leah



100% Attendance for Autumn Term


Oscar, Willow, Amelia J, Nevaeh M, Lily Mc,Harry P

Class 1

Kyle A, Charlie H, Charlie K,

Class 3

Oliver B, William G, Finley, Sophia, Mia W,

Class 4

Thomas G, Keesha H, Lewis P, Eva-Louise, Harvey T,

Class 5

Katie-Jo, Genevieve, Isobelle O, Bradley,

Class 6

Jack B, Abigail C, Joshua H, Jack K, Jamie M, Declan, Riley, Rhys,

Class 7

Kassie C, Nick, Trinity, Elyssa, Charlotte M, Thomas P, Cassie

Class 8

Kelly, Alicia D, Charlie H, Lucy M

Gold Stars - Autumn Term 2016


Daisy S, Callum O, Nevaeh M, Bradley M, Harry P, Lily Mc, Amelia J, Willow H

Class 3

Oliver B, William G, Finley H, Sophia W

Class 4

Thomas G, Keesha H, Harvey T, Emily H, Lewis P

Class 5

Lily-Anne B, Jonathan H, Ben P, Bradley P, Genevieve, Isobelle O, Codylee

Class 6

 Jack B, Adrian D, Joshua H, Jamie M, Abigail C, Keedie-lee, Jack K,

Class 7

Shannon A, Kassie C, Trinity H, Charlotte M, Cassie, Caitlin W, Joshua C, Nick H, Elyssa, Evan P, Keisha

Class 8

Joseph M, Daisy N

Term Awards - 2015/2016

Summer Term 2016

Pupil of the Year (2015/2016)

Y6VH - Leah P

Pride of Carr Mill (2015/2016)

Y6VH - Lily 

Young Citizen of the Year (2015/2016)

Y5DM - Lilijana F


Spring Term 2016


100% Attendance Certificates (Year to date - September to March 2015/2016)

FS2 - William, Joshua

Y1AR - Esmay, Liam, Joel

Y2DL - Keedie-Lee, Mason

Y2EL - Jack K

Y3KB - Freya, Lily-Anne, Keesha, Scarlett, Oliver

Y4EK - James, Kassie, Nick, Trinity, Megan L

Y5DM - Alicia

Y6VH - Kaitlyn, Teila

100% Attendance Certificates (Spring Term 2016)

FS2 - Dylan, Poppy

Y1AM - Natalie, Taylor, Lola, McKenzie, Jasmine, Mia

Y1AR - Oliver, Sophia, Scarlett

Y2DL - Bradley, Adrian, Caleb

Y2EL - Jack K

Y3KB - Thomas G, Aaron, Elisha, Thomas O, Ruby

Y4EK - Shannon A, Elyssa, Charlotte M

Y5DM - Kieran, Liljana, Millie, Megan, Amelia

Y6VH - Lily

100% Attendance Bike Winner (Spring Term 2016)

Year 4 - Megan. Many congratulations to Megan who won a bike of her choice.  Well done for having 100% attendance over the Spring term.  Enjoy your adventures!



ABC Class Award (Spring Term 2016)

Year 3. You have all worked well individually and as a team to earn a class trip of your choice. Your attendance, behaviour, reading and homework collectively has given you a well earned day out. Well done and keep up the hard work!



Gold Star Awards (Spring Term 2016)

Y1AM - Charlie, Lola, Holly J, Lily-Mae, Jasmine, Mia

Y1AR - Oliver, Esmay, Liam, Joel, Sophia

Y2DL - Adrian, Keedie-Lee, Bradley, Caleb

Y2EL - Jack K, Abigail,

Y3KB - Lily-Anne, Freya, Ruby, Oliver, Scarlett, Adam, Keesha

Y4EK - Shannon, Kassie, Nick, Trinnity, Elyssa, Charlotte M, Cassie

Y5DM - Millie, Megan, Amelia, Joseph, Lucy, Harry, Daisy

Y6VH - Lily, Kaitlyn, Teila


Autumn Term 2015


100% Attendance Certificates (Autumn Term 2015)

FS2 - Joshua, Ruby, Isla, Jessica, William and Caleb

Y1AM - Layla,Charlie and Lily-Mae

Y1AR - Esmay, Charlie, Liam, Grace, Skye, Scarlett, Joel and Jack

Y2DL - Mason, Genevieve, Keedie-Lee and Owen

Y2EL - Reegan, Abigail, Cassidy, Jasmine, Phoebe, Jack, Eva and Shea

Y3KB - Freya, Mason. Lily-Anne, Callum, Jonathan, Keesha, Lexie, Scarlett and Oliver

Y4EK - Kassie, Ethan, Nick, Trinity, Megan, James, Shannon, Thomas, Kacie and Caitlen

Y5DM - Alicia, Amelia, Jake, Connor, Joseph, Lucy, Daisy, Talia and Emily

Y6VH - Rebecca, Lily, Louis, Kaitlyn and Teila

100% Attendance Bike Winner (Autumn Term 2015)

Year 3 - Lily-Anne. Many congratulations to Lily-Anne! Lily-Anne's name was drawn from the many that were entered for having 100% attendance in the Autumn term. Enjoy your bike riding!



ABC Class Award (Autumn Term 2015)

Year 4. Year 4 have worked very hard with their attendance, behaviour, homework and reading - well done!  Have fun choosing your class trip!



Gold Star Awards (Autumn Term 2015)

FS2 - Caleb, William, Jessica, Edan, Isla, Joshua

Y1AM - Natalie and Lily-Mae

Y1AR- Esmay, Liam, Grace, Skye, Joe, Sophia, Jack and Scarlett

Y2DL - Keedie-Lee

Y2EL - Reegan, Jasmine, Phoebe and Shea

Y3KB - Freya, Mason, Lily-Anne, Lily-Mae, Keesha, Joshua, Scarlett, Oliver, Grace and Ruby

Y4EK - Abigail, Kassie, Nick, Trinity,Megan, Charlotte, Shannon, Cassie, Kacie and Keisha

Y5DM - Connor, Joseph, Lucy, Daisy, Talia and Emily

Y6VH - Teila, Louis, Lily and Kaitlyn


Term Awards 2014/2015

Spring Term 2015


100% Attendance Certificates (Spring 2015)

This Spring term, we had 14 children who received certificates for 100% attendance for the year to date (September to March), and 37 children who had 100% for the Spring term. As a reward they will be having a film afternoon on 24th April.  CONGRATULATIONS!

100% Attendance Bike Winner (Spring Term 2015)

Year 1 - Genevieve. Congratulations to Genevieve in Class 1 whose name was drawn to choose a bike for her 100% attendance in school. We look forward to seeing what your bike looks like Genevieve!



ABC Class Award (Spring Term 2015)

Year 5. Congratulations to Year 5 who won the class trip for the Spring term.  They are in the process of choosing where they would like to go on their all expences paid trip!



Gold Star Awards (Spring Term 2015)

Some children from each class received a gold star at the end of last term from their class teacher.  To receive a gold star, children need to meet certain criteria.  For example, be a good role model, try their best in everything they do, good attendance etc.

FS2- Natalie, Skye, Layla, Joshua. Joel, Sophia, Oliver, Liam, and Scarlett.

Y1 Yellow- Jack B, Caitlin, Reegan, Eva, and Harvey.

Y1 Blue- Caleb, Isabella, Phoebe

Y2- Freya, Aaron, Thomas G, Lily-May, Keesha, Adam H, Dylan and Ruby.

Y3- Shannon P, Chloe, Kacie, and Nick.

Y4- Emily W, Kelly, Daisy, Liljana, and Joseph.

Y5- Joshua F, Harry, Teila, Kaitlyn, Bobby, and Leah.

Y6- Jessica D, Megan G, Declan, Lauren, and Isobel.

Many Congratulations to you all!



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