School Council

Carr Mill School council is about giving every child a voice and knowing that their ideas and suggestions are valued. We asked the questions and these were the responses of the children.  

What is the School Council?

We listen to our classmates and we have discussions about what changes we want in the school. We also discuss what is working well. We listen to any concerns or problems and we try to fix them (usually part of our meeting).

Why do we have a School Council?

We have one so we can be part of important decisions which are made in the school. Its to give everyone a voice so we can enjoy school even more! Its our democracy as everyone is equally important.

What does the school council do?

We work for our classmates! We work with the headteacher to make the school even better than it already it! We help to give our opinion about any changes in the school.

Who do we report to?

We report to our headteacher and we also have to write a report (head boy and girl) to the governors explaining all the work we have done and showing all the changes!

School Council 2016/17

Meeting to discuss the Friendship Area

Some of the children have been very busy thinking of different ideas in their own time.  There were many suggestions such as:

Bullybox, board games, books, creative corner, tables and chairs, cushions, soft mats, friendship pictures, friendly notes.

Katie-Jo thought of a beautiful friendship garden.

Following on from our discussion, I gave them brochures to look through so they could choose equipment and resources that they would like to have in the friendship area.  They then put all their choices on paper as a plan.

November's Meeting

First discussion point was reflecting on the Halloween disco.  This was to find out if the disco had been a success from their point of view or could there be improvements.  The outcome of the discussion was that overall the majority of children enjoyed the Halloween celebrations.

Children had the opportunity to design their own playground looking at the finer details that we had previously discussed.

Finally, the children looked at the suggestion slips,grouping and writing down ideas put forward so they can be used in our future plans for the playground.

The Council worked very hard in looking at new ideas and refelcting on certain points.  All representatives to feed back to their class about our meeting and to think about the ACE Charity and fundraising events, so we can make a plan.

Congratulations to our newly elected Head Boy and Head Girl!

Joseph and Talia were succesful and are supported by Daisy as the Deputy Head.

October's Meeting

Last year we discussed the plans for the playground with our previous school council.  We picked up on this area once again as Mr Maley said things were really progressing and wanted the finer details to be thought about.  Mr Maley showed the Council the plans for the development which generated much excitement and more amazing ideas.

Friends of Carr Mill have asked the School Council to put forward their suggestions for events for the forthcoming year that will be supported by the Friends Committee.

23rd November 2015

The main discussion point today was the busy area around the suggestion box.  It has proved to be very popular with the children.  After much debate, the children decided that there should be a rota, giving classes allocated days.

Some of the recent ideas are an art room, a friendship room, thinking box and a safety club.

The next meeting will be in January as school is busy with Christmas activities.

13th October 2015

Following on from the last meeting, the council discussed the ‘Buddy Bench.’

They liked the idea that if someone is really sad, they could sit on the bench and someone will recognise that they are sad and make them happy again.

Lucy said that visitors can see that we are a really friendly school.

The idea of having a message on the bench for all to see was received by all.  Children worked with a partner to discuss what message they would like the bench to read.  Having come up with several suggestions, the rest of the school will have the final vote.

The suggestion box was overflowing!  Each and every suggestion slip was read by the councillors and put into categories.

There were some very interesting and colourful thoughts!

One suggestion was to repaint the playground games, or lockers for every pupil.

29th September 2015

Our first meeting welcomed a special visitor – Mr Maley!

Mr Maley was looking forward to meeting all the representatives and listening to their ideas over the coming year.

Each class councillor introduced themselves to the group and told them why they wanted to be part of the school council.

Following on from this, the first topic for debate was how we could involve the whole school in having a voice.

A suggestion box was favoured by all.  There would be suggestion slips for children to write their ideas down, which the council would look at during meetings.


School Council 2015-2016

Many congratulations go to our newly elected Head Boy and Head Girl!

Following on from their magnificent speeches to the whole school, Reece and Leah were voted by the children to represent their council, with Louis being the Deputy.

Year 2 – Caitlin, Bradley, Abigail and Harvey

Year 3 – Emily and Joshua

Year 4 – Kassie and Evan

Year 5 – Lucy and Joseph

Congratulations to you all!


2014 / 2015

Congratulations to Nathan Mee  and Abigail Taylor-Woods who were voted as  new Head Boy and Head Girl for 2014-15.  Well done on a very confident and articulate campaign!

Our school council is represented by children from Year 2 to year 6 and each class has 2 representatives.

Every month the school council come together for a meeting were they follow an agenda and put some actions together to be addressed.  Since our Head boy and Head girl were nominated, we have had three school council meetings.  The first two meetings were led by Simon Cousins who works for the authority as an Equalities Officer.  He looked at our Mission Statement - 'Working together, shaping our future'.  Simon broke the mission statement down for discussion purposes, and for children to think how the mission statement reflects our school and the children within it.

Following on from Simons meetings, I met with the children to discuss what they think their role is on the school council.

'You are their voice.'

'School to be a better place.'

Just a couple of comments made by the children.  During the meeting, the children also came up with the idea of having a 'friendship box.'  The idea is for the children to write what they have seen, done, or heard about their peers ( friends or any other children who have done something positive) and post it in the friendship box.  These comments will then be shared with their peers.

School council actions:

- To design and make a friendship box

- To design token to celebrate children's positive remarks.

Date of next meeting - Thursday 22nd January 2pm in the Den.

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