Halloween in nursery.

Date: 4th Nov 2017 @ 2:12pm

This week we focussed on developing the children's speech and laguage based on their inevitable interest in Halloween. Our first job was to hollow out and carve the pumpkins we grew in the nursery garden.

The children had to pull out the slimy seeds from the middle of the pumpkin and then they carefully used the knives to carve the funny faces in them. The slime was fun to play with!

Mrs James used some of the flesh to make us some delicious pumpkin soup. Martha enjoyed it and ate it all up!

The water in the tray turned into green slime and we made witches potions in the cauldrons. Just the like the characters in Room on the Broom (see the video below).

Thank you to all of the parents who emailed photographs of the children dressed up for Halloween, the children absolutely loved looking at themselves and each other. This inspired lots of talk about going trick or treating. 


We then learned a funny rhyme:

Trick or Treat, 

Smell My Feet

Give me something good to eat!!  

Mrs Dixon read us the story Funnybones and we practised making the big and little skeletons from the story. (see video below)

Outdoor the children hunted for spiders and their webs and enjoyed going for a fly on the witch's broomsticks. Luckily non of them snapped in two!

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Jenny Bevon wrote:

The book meeting has been very great communication between Alfie Baker mum and dad. Hes discussing expressing and explaining his day in school , which he never did before. Only week 1 looking forward to changing book .

Mrs Taylor wrote:

Oh fantastic, I am so glad Early Talk Boost is already having an affect.
Well done Alfie, I'm very proud!!

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