Maths Week in Nursery

Date: 15th Jan 2017 @ 12:12pm

We looked at the book 'How Many Legs?' for Maths Week in nursery. This is a lovely story about a little boy having a tea party. He invites lots of different animals to the tea party and along they way we try to count, add and compare the numbers of legs.

This book stimulated a discussion about which animals we like best. How many legs they have and how they move. The children each chose an animal to paint. They had to remember to paint the correct number of legs on their animal.

They then had a look at the animals and sorted them according to how many legs they had. We looked at animals with the same number of legs.


Finding some animals with no legs meant we had to learn about the number zero.


The children used the playdough and different items such as match sticks, lolly sticks, foam pieces and wiggly eyes to create animals.


  As Maths Week was based on money in the rest of school we created a Pet Shop. The children have enjoyed caring for the animals and buying animals and accessories for their pets from the pet shop.  


The children in nursery love super heroes. So they had special area where they had to out the correct number of power crystals for the super heroes.


We enjoyed Maths Week in FS1. 

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