Reflection- Would you like to live next to Katie Morag?

Date: 2nd Feb 2017 @ 8:40pm

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Tahmina wrote:

yes because we could become friends and have sleepover

Miss. Prendergast wrote:

This would be exciting! I hope baby Liam won't annoy you!

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oliver wrote:

it would be great to live next door to Katie morag.

Miss Lloyd wrote:

I'd like to live on Struay but maybe not next door to Katie Morag - babies crying arggh!

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joshua anders. wrote:

yes. i would like to live next katie morag and baby liam because then i could talk to them.

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Josh a wrote:

I would because we can go on lots of adventures

Miss Lloyd wrote:

Can I come? I'd love a new adventure Josh, especially with Katie Morag because she can be naughty.

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Lucas sephton wrote:

Yes I would like to live next door to Katie Moran because we could make friends and explore the small island together

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Oliver wrote:

It would be Gould because I could go surfing in the sea.🚤🚤🚤

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Niamh Irvine wrote:

I really would because I could go swimming in the sea and I could play with her! We could play in the forests.

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