Date: 16th Oct 2016 @ 7:48pm

We were visited on Tuesday by a very big spider running along our classroom floor. Mrs Taylor bravely caught it under a plastic glass so that we could all have a closer look. 


We counted his legs and found out about how spiders make webs and catch insects to eat them. 

After we had observed the spider the children looked for a suitable place to take him. Lydia thought that we should put it near the shed because she has seen some spders webs there.

The children made spiders in the playdough and used string and glitter to create some sparkly spiderwebs. 


We read some of our favourite spider stories: The Very Busy Spider and Aaagh Spider!

Then on Thursday The Very Busy Spider spun a giant web in our classroom. She looked very lonely up there all on her own. Freya suggested that she needed some friends. The children learned how to draw spiders and drew some spider friends to live in her web.


Look at some of the other spider activities we got up to. 





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Keesha. wrote:

Spiders don't have antennas to separate them from insects.

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Elyssa wrote:

it looks like you all had fun investigating spiders and miss Taylor reqally bravely caught the spider . [i wouldn't do that]

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